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Want to become a local podcaster in your own city?


In October 2021, I launched the Greetings From the Garden State podcast and since then my life has forever changed. I have met amazing people I normally would never have met, gone places I may have never gone, and have experienced a life in my home state I never would have dreamed possible. 

Greetings From the Garden State is more than just a podcast. It consistently pushes me out of my comfort zone and has become a brand that follows me wherever I go, opening new doors and providing new opportunities every day. 

If you love your state, county, or city and want to bring attention to all the great things and people who make it up, let me show you how I've built this so you can do it too!

We are currently putting together various options for those interested, so use the form below and sign up to be the first to hear when it's ready!

Can't wait to work with you!
Mike Ham

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