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A Jersey Girl at Heart

I moved to New Jersey from Las Vegas when I was nine years old. So essentially, I’m a Jersey girl at heart.

I had big, curly Jersey girl hair, used aqua net and had a fringed leather jacket. I look back at my days growing up here with fond memories. From going down to Seaside Heights when I was a teenager to now going to Avon by the Sea and Long Beach Island.

Tara Bernie at the beach on LBI

I’ve eaten at many diners and have been a commuter into New York City for all of my career. I love New Jersey because of its location to the city and how it’s so diverse in its people and its topography. You can go from the beaches to the mountains, to lakes and rivers, to the farm lands.

But what I think I love the most about New Jersey is the people. I have met some amazing people from the garden state and it seems no matter where I go, even overseas, I meet people from Jersey.

Seaside Heights Vintage Photo Capsule

“Hey are you from Jersey? I’m from Jersey!”

I don’t care what exit you’re from there’s always that Jersey bond.

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