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A Thank you to New Jersey

I haven’t strayed far from Jersey. I grew up in Westfield, attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, moved to Hoboken for eight years and just landed in Asbury Park to live out my beach bum dreams.

People often feel they need to “get out of Jersey” to see other things. Sure, there are many other wonders in the world or the United States, but you will not find the culture we have created. There is grit, storytelling, humor, diversity and energy you get from those you meet and the places you experience in New Jersey.

You can travel two exits away on the Garden State Parkway and enter a completely different type of environment and culture.

We may be funky, we may be loud, we may have the strongest stereotype than all the other 49 states, but we also have the best damn bread, beach and city right in our own backyard.

Like I said, many try to get out of Jersey, but most find their way back home. Just ask Bruce Springsteen.

Cheers to you, New Jersey! And thank you for everything.



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