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New Jersey's First Plastic-Free Grocery Store

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Over the lifespan of this show, we've had some amazing guests from all around New Jersey. A legendary bakery, a pizza shop with arguably the best pizza in the state, and more. None of these guests though have the ability to call themselves "first" in their field, but that is exactly what Rachel Garcia, owner of Dry Goods Refillery, can do!

Dry Goods Refillery in Montclair is the first plastic-free grocery store in the state of New Jersey. There have been others that have opened since then, but this place is the pioneer. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that this is a business whose sole purpose is to make the world a better place. The world is noticing the impact plastic is having on our environment and is taking steps to help reduce that footprint. New Jersey's ban on single-use plastic bags (effective May 2022) is another instance where steps will be taken in that regard.

Dry Goods Refillery is clearly a place ahead of its time. Sourcing products from local suppliers and other environmentally conscious organizations, the quality is certainly available to customers. All someone simply has to do is bring in their jars and reusable bags and load up. Whether its pasta, grains, olive oil, freshly ground peanut butter, produce, Dry Goods Refillery has that to offer and you know, consciously, that you are making the better decision for the environment.

While I did get some glares from Rachel for bringing a single-use bottle of water to our interview, talking with her I understood the impact she is trying to make on the planet to make it a better place to live for her children. Dry Goods Refillery

is not just a business, but a mission and it has helped usher in a new approach to how we consume things.

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