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Relieve Your Pain and Improve Your Life with Acupuncture

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Full disclosure, I've knew Dr. Alan Genitempo before he was Dr. Alan. We were roommates and baseball teammates in college, we get together often, and I was the officiant at his wedding so needless to say, I know him pretty well. When they were doing the renovation at the office before he opened, I even helped lay the trim. I always knew him to be a passionate guy, getting super invested in whatever it was he was into at the time. Sometimes those passions would change as any person's would when interests change, but Dr. Alan has seemingly found his rhythm, his calling, and his passion in acupuncture.

I have only had acupuncture done twice in my life, admittedly both times by Dr. Alan. I never knew much about it but over the course of our episode I learned much more about the benefits of it, how the human body works, and how it works on actually healing pain and issues rather than masking problems.

If you did not already know, acupuncture originated in ancient China, perhaps adding to the mystery behind the science, but also giving it a slight stigma. Recovr marries the old school and the new school to bring its patients the best possible care. While the old school methods still work, needling into nerves, applying heat, etc., Dr. Alan is able to take it to the next level using electric stimulation and other methods to help amplify its benefits. While the full name is "Recovr Spine & Sports Rehab," you do not need to be an athlete to visit. Dr. Alan treats anyone that wants to improve their life and fix a variety of issues including pain, sleep issues, fertility and more.

Shortly after recording our episode, Dr. Alan opened up his second location in Fairfield, the first being in Nutley. With two locations, a wealth of knowledge, and the drive to serve his community, Dr. Alan is poised for great success in the future!

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