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So Much Love For Our 1-Year Anniversary So Far!

On October 18th, 2021 we launched the Greetings From the Garden State podcast with three episodes, Calandra's Bakery, Mayo Performing Arts Center and The Wright Cut. I am writing this post with just 12 days to go before that anniversary and two weeks away from the party we are throwing to celebrate that year on October 20th.

This year really has had it all, we've traveled all over the state from as far north as Montague and Mahwah to as far south as Wildwood. We've had so many different types of businesses and nonprofits on the show as well as great personalities. We've had guests that have appeared on The Voice, Top Chef, Titan Games, Olympians, and more! The experience has been unbelievable.

Of course, there have been times where it's been a long road (metaphorically) as anyone who creates content can understand. However, the last month has probably been the most successful month we've ever had here at Greetings From the Garden State. We continue to rank high on various podcast charts, the last time I looked we were #19 all-time among all indie "Society & Culture" podcasts, sponsors are recognizing that and are starting to invest in our show and all of you listeners, and our average downloads continue to increase every week.

When I started putting together the party on October 20th, I asked our guests if they would donate either food or raffle prizes to give away. It's always a hard to ask for free things because that's not ultimately why we do this show, but the response from those guests have been awesome. At the time of writing this blog post we have 4 guests who have committed food and 17 guests who have committed raffle prizes.

I love the community we've built here and I cannot wait to celebrate with you all on the 20th! See you in two weeks!

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